Reliability in
Part Number 113509W

Stainless control and battery cabinet to be used with OBSTAFLASH P/N113792U working during day time only with low intensity working during night time only

  • Stainless enclosure
  • 4 batteries 12Ah 12Vdc
  • Protection against deep discharge batteries
  • Test button with 3 positions: 'remote', 'day, 'night' with interlock switch
  • Surge protection on AC and DC sides
  • Terminal connection for photocell, alarm, and low intensity 48vdc lights working at night only,
  • alarm for lights, battery and charger

The obstacles which require permanent back-up must be fed by a battery cabinet

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Main voltage
230VAC +/-10%
IP degree
IP65 in vertical position
Entry of cable by glands nickel plated brass and connection by terminals
Operating temperature
Tu -20/+45°C
10 kg
Size of the power supply
590mm (height) x 350mm (width) x 250mm (dept)
Wire cross section
from 1 to 4 mm²
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