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Infrared LED Obstacle Lights for Wind Turbines & Met Masts (Led NVG compatible)

Our Night Vision Compatible L-864, L-810 and dual color L-865/L-864 LED obstruction lights are designed for marking tall structures such as buildings, towers, masts, cranes, meteorological towers, chimneys and other hazards to aircraft. They are providing years of operation and are maintenance-free. They are also NVG friendly : Aviation authorities such as FAA, MOD (UK) and OFAC (Switzerland) for some of them have issued safety alerts warning that common LED obstruction lights pose a hazard to pilots using Night Vision Goggles (NVGs). This is due to the fact that NVGs typically use filters to block cockpit lighting from saturating the imaging system. This has the unintended effect of making LED obstruction lights invisible to pilots. In response, Night Vision Goggles based on infrared technology provides pilots using night vision goggles unmatched visibility of buildings, wind turbines and towers. Our FAA led obstruction lights ensure that your structure remains visible to all the pilots.

  • All OBSTA red or dual color medium intensity systems includes infrared leds and are all NVG compatible as per FAA advisor and our red medium intensity are ETL listed. Those medium intensity have been verified by the Civil Authority in US in both red and infrared. They are also compliant with most standard in Europe (UK, Nordic countries and Switzerland)

  • Our low intensity and L-810 remains available with or without IR. With infrared, our NAVILITE L-810 part number 113969IR has been also verified by the Civil Authority in US in both red and infrared. This light comply with regulations in Europe except in Germany and Switzerland where a specific blinker for infrared has to be added

typical obstruction lights with infraredModel
1 Dual color medium intensityOFI360-RW-048
2 Red only medium intensityOFC-RI-240
3 Low intensityNAVILITE-IR-FAA-120-240V