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Company history

OBSTA, a subsidiary of CITEL group ( is part of an industrial group that engineers, manufactures and sells obstruction lights for transmission lines, telecom and broadcast towers and all kind of obstacle to air navigation. Our obstruction lights are manufactured by us based on ICAO annex 14 chapter 6 (International Civil Aviation Organization) recommendations and the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration).

A long history

Before joining Citel in the years 90, Obsta was part of the company Claude that was manufacturing all kind of lamps. This company was created by Georges Claude (September 24th 1870 – May 23th 1960) a French physicist and chemist :

1902 Extraction of rare gas from the air (neon, argon, xenon..) and creation of the company Air liquide
1910 Invention of the first modern patented discharge lamp tube and creation of Claude company manufacturing all kind of discharge and incandescence lights
1960 Invention of the first balisors for transmission lines
1992 Bought by Citel manufacturing gas tube and surge protection
2003 New led NAVILITE obstruction lights red fixed
2008 New obstaflash led series flashing type medium and high intensity

Test facilities

In order to test its products internally for standards compliance and to evolve toward greater reliability OBSTA has several test sites (France, USA) equipped with :

  • Photometric band with visible and infrared capability 1.2/50-8/20µs hybrid wave generators up to 20 kV/10 kA HT digital Oscilloscope fast
  • Material for test environment (damp heat, climate, shock) Locations
  • An international company, Obsta is part of CITEL group with international commercial subsidiaries.

Company offices for local support

OBSTA has manufacturing facilities in Reims in France and has active sales office located in France, Germany, USA, Thailand for South East Asia and Dubaï for Middle East and Africa that can support you locally in your project.

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