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Specialist in obstruction lighting

Over the years, tree large product families have been developed in the respect of the most severe standards, requested by our customers, neon xenon and led type. OBSTA lights are designed in the respect of the latest international standards that are ICAO annex 14 chapter 6 edition 2018 and FAA AC 150/5345-43J. They constitute a complete range low intensity, L-810(L)(F), medium intensity, L-865/L-864, high intensity and also L-856, suitable for broadcast towers, telecom mast, transmission lines, stacks and wind turbines.

OBSTA® HI STI and BALISOR® (conductor warning lights for transmission lines) red fixed obstruction lights cold neon discharge

Led NAVILITE® red fixed obstruction lights (low intensity and L-810) since 2003 The NAVILITE series is dedicated to night only obstruction lights especially for telecom mast, buildings close to airports and all kind of obstacle below 45 meters high or in conjunction with medium intensity. Completely molded with 4 leds divided in 16 independent led circuits, they are ideal for all kind of obstacle. The NAVILITE series is available as low intensity type A and B with IR and L-810(L)(F) with IR as per FAA latest standard

Linear lens

In 2006 OBSTA develop a new concept of obstruction light using combination of linear light source based on discharge tube or led array with linear lens to focus the light beam as per ICAO and FAA requirements. This new concept that we have been developed over the year reduce light pollution and offers an optimized solution adapted to all kind of obstacle such as broadcast TV towers, cooling towers and high rise buildings

Testing laboratory

OFI360_opened In order to test our products in compliance with latest ICAO, EASA and FAA standards, OBSTA constantly pioneers new technologies thanks to a bold innovation strategy, high-level R&D and in-house regional test labs around the have testing equipments such as :

  • Photometric laboratory for light visibility and infrared
  • Various transient surge current and surge voltage generators...
  • AC and DC Power Sources for short circuit and load current tests with possible superimposed and synchronized pulses for AC sources.
  • Various equipment’s for environmental tests (impact, vibration, climate, damp, fire…)