Reliability in
OBSTA-XE-WW-24 13820
Part Number 113820

Xenon medium intensity type A compliant with ICAO and compliant with FAA AC 150/5345-43G including a flashhead and a power supply (300m max)

OBSTA-XE-WW-24 13820


  • 2 xenon flash tubes in redundancy
  • Enveloppe and optic in glass
  • No tools required to open the flashhead
  • Aluminium body
  • All electronic in the power supply (300m max)

Power supply

  • 'Weather tight' stainless steel 316L power cabinet enclosure with safety interlock switch
  • Long life dry capacitors
  • 'Plug-in' modular construction
  • Alarm relay and synchronisation card provided
  • to be used with photocell 24Vdc P/N100754 and interconnecting cable P/N113805 (max lenght 300 meters) between flashhead and power supply
  • in option wireless GPS interface for synchronisation P/N113746 and 24Vdc battery cabinet P/N113505

The OBSTAFLASH Xe red or white medium intensity is a flashing obstruction light dedicated to day and night marking of any obstacles.The OBSTAFLASH Xe is compliant with ICAO medium intensity type A, FAA AC 150/5345-43G flashing lights. The use of white strobe medium intensity during day time eliminates the need to paint the obstacle with aviation red and white stripes.

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Effective light output day time at 0° on site
20 000cd (white)
Effective light output twilight mode at 0° on site
20 000cd (white)
Effective light output night mode at 0° on site
2000cd (white)
Color day/twilight time
Color night time
Vertical beam spread
Horizontal beam spread
Flash per minute
20, 40 or 60 flashes per minute
Main voltage
24VDC +/-10%
Average wattage
IP degree
IP65 for power cabinet in vertical position
Entry of cable by glands nickel plated brass and connection by terminals
Operating temperature
Tu -40/+55°C
42 kg
Size of the light
494mm (height) x 394mm (over diameter)
18kg for flashhead, 24kg for power cabinet
Wire cross section
from 1 to 4 mm²
6 mounting holes dia.16mm, dia.337mm circle (FAA standard)
Standards compliance
ICAO annex 14 chapter 6, FAA AC 150/5345-43G
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