Reliability in
Part Number 113746

Synchronisation interface using the GPS clock

  • DIN rail mounting
  • Dip-switches to select the desired frequency of the pulse per minute on the first second of each minute of UTC clock
  • 2 output signals available: 1 for day/night mode and 1 for top sync for flash synchronisation
  • 2 luminous indicators: 1 for top pulse. and 1 for day/night mode
  • suitable for any obsta power cabinet
  • provided with magnetic antenna

In case 2 or more flashing lights are installed on the same obstacle, ICAO recommendation and FAA regulation request that the lights should be synchronized. In case it is not possible to install a wire between the flashing lights, the GPS allows synchronizing a group of flashing lights without the need of installing a cable between them.

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Main voltage
24-48Vdc +/-10%
0.5 kg
DIN rail mounting