Reliability in
Part Number 113956-W

48VDC UPS Battery Backup System powered through 110 to 240VAC (or 400VAC for some application). This UPS provides battery back-up in case of main power failure for our lights powered in 48Vdc The 4 batteries remain fully charged under normal AC power

  • Metal enclosure
  • 110VAC to 240VAC power supply, 48Vdc output
  • Protection against transient overvoltage on both AC and DC side
  • Protection against deep discharge batteries
  • Operating temperature -20°C/+45°C
  • 12 hours back-up for 1 white Obstaflash 48Vdc medium intensity (40 flashes per minute in white/day mode, off during the night) with low intensity type B operating at night only
  • 2 alarms ("Normally Open" and "Normally Close" both available for each) for the day white flashing light and for the night red lights
  • terminal connections for 48Vdc photocell for day/night switch (to be ordered separately)

The obstacles which require permanent back-up must be fed by a battery cabinet

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Max Power
Main voltage
110VAC to 240VAC +/-10% 50/60Hz
Operating temperature
Tu -20/+45°C
Size of the power supply
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