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Part Number: 113785B

The «OBSTA diagnostic SNMP» kit allows a remote diagnostic of the obstaflash led type medium and high intensity in order to facilitate their curative and preventive maintenance of the projectors and the power supply.


Features of the modem: Recording the status of the lights at preset interval :

1/ Status of the lights and voltage of the batteries

  • Status of the led projectors and their associeted power supply
  • Status of the synchronisation coming from the GPS or other interface
  • Status of the day/night mode
  • Temperature and humidity

2/ Telemetric information

  • Voltage & current of each led circuits
  • Voltage of the power supply or batteries

Requirement for the web interface 2 solutions are possibles :

  • either by using the OBSTA web site with a secure access :
  • either through a dedicated server using a WAR application (code and support given by OBSTA). Requirement for the server : Postgres (database) + tomcat

This kit includes: - access to our web server ( to monitor the lights - a 3G modem installed directly inside the medium intensity flash-head or inside the high intensity power cabinet, or connected to our controller OFH-CTR-CAN part number 113625LA in case of a group of lights to be monitored on the same obstacle