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Part Number: 113712

Obstruction lighting systems including 3 LED OBSTAFLASH 120° dual color medium intensity type especially designed for obstacle such as stacks and 3 legs based pylons .


3 flashheads OFP-120-RW-15L with :

  • 2 led projectors IP66
  • Aluminium and glass enveloppe
  • Vertical stainless support

A power supply :

  • Stainless enclosure with interlock switch and cable entry at the bottom
  • Surge protection included
  • Alarm relay in case of projector failure or power supply failure
  • Test button with auto/day/night modes
  • 8 led indicators for easy diagnostic
  • Possibility to connect intermediate 48Vdc red lights operating at night only

The obstaflash kit shall be used with an external photocell and oriented to the North (in the North Hemisphere)

Effective light output day time at 0° on site 20 000cd (white)
Effective light output twilight mode at 0° on site 20 000cd (white)
Effective light output night mode at 0° on site 2000cd (red)
Color day/twilight time white
Color night time Red
Vertical beam spread >3°
Horizontal beam spread 360° with minimum 3 flashheads fixed at 120° around the obstacle
Flash per minute 40
Mains voltage 48VDC -10%/+15% (max current 7A)
Average power consumption 55W (day time), 8W (night mode)
Wiring For each projector, 15 meters of molded cable with connector For power supply, 1 plug per projector + entry of power & signal cable by glands nickel plated brass and connection by terminals
Operating temperature Tu -40/+55°C
Size of the light 120mm (height) x 480mm (width)
Size of the power supply 400mm (height) x 300mm (width) x 200mm (dept)
Weight 4kg
Standards compliance ICAO annexe 14 chapter 6 (7th edition 2016), EASA (4th edition 2017)
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