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Part Number 113715UA

Dual color medium intensity system FAA L-865/L-864 ETL certified


3 flashheads OFP-120-RW-10-U with an AC power unit, all including :

  • 3x2 led projectors in aluminium and glass
  • 2 white led circuits and a red with infrared circuit inside each projector
  • NVG visible
  • Simple installation with no losing parts when opening the flash-head
  • Normally open or normally close relay in case of lamp default or power supply
  • Communication capabilities (controller, Modbus TCP)
  • Test button for day and night
  • Luminous indicators for quick diagnostic
  • Surge protection with indicator showing when it has failed included
  • GPS controlled or in back-up activated in case of failure or absence of an external controller or/and photocell
  • External photocell
  • Optional side lights L-810(L)(F) NAVILITE-IR-FAA-120-240V P/N 113969IR for mid level

Dual color medium intensity FAA L-865/L-864 including 3 OBSTAFLASH120 flashheads. Comply with ICAO medium intensity dual color type A and B. As per FAA white flashing lights L-865 used for daytime and twilight marking are recommended for obstacle exceeding 61 meters high

Effective light output day time at 0° on site
20 000cd (white)
Effective light output twilight mode at 0° on site
20 000cd (white)
Effective light output night mode at 0° on site
2000cd (red) with IR
Color day/twilight time
Color night time
Vertical beam spread
Horizontal beam spread
360° with minimum 3 flashheads fixed at 120° around the obstacle
Intensity @ -10% to the ground
3% of max
Flash per minute
40/30 as per FAA
Main voltage
110VAC to 240VAC +/-10% 50/60Hz
Average wattage
55W (day time), 8W (night mode)
For each projector, 10 meters of molded cable with connector For power supply, 1 plug per projector + entry of power & signal cable by glands nickel plated brass and connection by terminals
Operating temperature
Tu -40/+55°C
Size of the light
120mm (height) x 480mm (width)
Size of the power supply
400mm (height) x 300mm (width) x 200mm (dept)
Standards compliance
ICAO annex 14 chapter 6, FAA (AC 150/5345-43J), UK MOD, Transport Canada
FAA (AC 150/5345-43J), ETL listed, DGAC(France)
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