Reliability in
Part Number 113905IR-048-KIT

Led navilite low intensity type A and B with IR visible by Night vision goggles. The NAVILITE-IR-48V includes 2 "de-coupled" visible and infrared circuits compliant with most of Aviation Authorities in Europe. The infrared part can be fixed or blinking as per the directive AD I-006 F from OFAC in Switzerland



  • Completely molded and perfectly waterproof
  • Bird spike
  • No grounding issue, class II
  • 2 independant red circuits and infrared circuits powered in 48Vdc:
  • 64 red leds wired in 16 independent circuits of 4 leds each + 64 infrared leds wired in 16 independent circuits NVG compliant as per OFAC AD-006F directive

Junction box with 4 cable entries and 8 terminal connections

This kit is provided with the stainless steel "NAVILITE-HOLDER" for vertical or horizontal support of the light and the junction box

The NAVILITE with infrared is dedicated to night marking especially ground or optical cable above high voltage cables. This NAVILITE-IR is compatible with NVG by using infrared leds based on Switzerland FOCA directive AD-006F for transmission lines with a power higher than 150mW/sr. The NAVILITE-IR is one piece molded which integrates 2 independent circuits of 4 levels of 16 visible LED and 4 levels of 16 infrared leds

IR intensity and wavelength
> 150mW/sr @ 850nm
Luminous intensity
> 32cd
Color night time
Red fixed
Vertical beam spread
10° visible and 15° in infrared
Horizontal beam spread
12 W
Current drawn
300 mA
Life time
Main voltage
48VDC (-10%; +15%)
IP degree
IP65 in vertical position
Operating temperature
Tu -40/+55°C
Size of the light
Ø x h :160 x 490 (mm)
2 kg
Cable entry diameter
6,5-12 mm & 4-10mm
Wire cross section
from 1 to 2,5 mm²
2 mounting holes for M8 screws
Standards compliance
ICAO annex 14 chapter 6, directive AD I-006 F from OFAC