Reliability in
Part Number: 113652W134

The BIRD-FLIGHT Diverter is designed to make overhead lines and guyes structures visible to birds and provides an economical means of reducing the hazard to both lines and birds. For low and medium voltage construction, the BIRD-FLIGHT Diverter is applied to the phase conductors (bare or jacketed). For high voltages, it is used on the shield wire. The BIRD-FLIGHT Diverter, offers little wind resistance and is easily and quickly applied by hand or by hot stick. The positive grip of the fitting on the conductor ensures that it remains in the applied position and cannot move along the span under aeolian vibration or other conditions.

  • Made in PVC shockproof with UV protection
  • Low weight
  • Quick installation with no losing part
  • Good grip in the cable
  • Long lifetime
  • Wind resistant

Cable diameter
Ø 13,4mm to 17,5mm