Reliability in
Part Number: 113176-240

Junction and monitoring box

  • cable inputs by gland nickel plated brass
  • 8 terminal connections for 8 medium intensity lights and/or low intensity lights
  • 1 visual indicator and on alarm relay per light
  • surge protection
  • connection of optional photocell
  • on/off switch and remote/manual switch to bypass the photocell

Stainless control box to facilitate the implementation and monitoring of red medium and low intensity OBSTA lights. These metal boxes are suitable for EMC environments and severe climatic conditions.

Main voltage 110VAC to 240VAC +/-10% 50/60Hz
Max. admissible impulse current 10A
IP degree IP65 in vertical position
Size of the power supply 315mm (height) x 210mm (width) x 110mm (dept)
Weight 4kg
Cable entry diameter from 8 to 15 mm
Wire cross section from 1 to 4 mm²
Attachment 4 screws type M5
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