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Part Number: 113785

The «OBSTA diagnostic GPRS/3G» kit allows a remote diagnostic of the obstaflash led type in order to facilitate ther currative and preventive maintenance of the projectors and the power supply.


Features of the modem: Recording the status of the lights at preset interval :

1/ Status of the lights and voltage of the batteries

  • Status of the led projectors and their associeted power supply
  • Status of the synchronisation coming from the GPS or other interface
  • Status of the day/night mode
  • Temperature inside the power supply
  • Configuration of the flashheads

2/ Telemetric curves

  • Voltage of each led circuits
  • Voltage of the power supply or batteries
  • Temperature

3/ Status of 3 alarm contacts coming from intermediate low intensity lights or other devices (surge protection, charger, etc).

4/ Alarm by email.

Requirement for the web interface 2 solutions are possibles :

  • either by using the OBSTA web site with a secure access :
  • either through a dedicated server using a WAR application (code and support given by OBSTA). Requirement for the server : Postgres (database) + tomcat

This kit includes: - a web interface ( - and an obsta gprs modem installed in the dual color obstaflash. The gsm modem can also be connected to more than 2 lights through a dedicated optical network between the lights with additional optical interfaces.

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