Reliability in
Part Number: 1003SOL

12Vdc solar kit 20/30 Watts peak with battery capacity 27/32Ah for NAVILITE 12Vdc



  • Initial capacity of the battery with more than 6 days of autonomy offering limited maintenance cost
  • Protection of the battery against overcharges and deep discharge
  • modular system with easy access for the maintenance
  • possibility to fix one or two lights in redundancy directely on the solar kit
  • accessories to attach the solar kit on vertical leg or horizontal leg included

This solar kit is a compact solar generator. Autonomous and maintenance free, easy to run up, the quality of all its components contribute to make this energy kit the ideal solution for OBSTA lights Note: - The exact size of our solar panel/battery depends on latitude/longitude. For example, the size of the solar panels needs to be 3 times bigger in the North of Europe than in the South of Europe.

Attachment 2 brackets for vertical or horizontal leg
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