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Part Number: 113940

Monitoring box allowing the control and the wiring of NAVILITE 48VDC beacon, working at night only or continuously, plugged to work simultaneously or in redundancy (a main light and a backup light working only in case the main light is not working) with remote signalization in case of failure of the light or failure of the 48VDC supply

  • Control 1 or 2 NAVILITE 48VDC either
    • with an active redundancy (one main lamp and one back-up lamp switched on in case of failure of the main lamp)
    • or a simultaneous operation of 2 lights
  • Control the day/night switching of the lights
  • Allow remote monitoring in case of lamp failure or power supply failure by potential free contact

Main voltage 48VDC (-10%; +15%)
IP degree IP65 in vertical position
Dimensions 160 x 58 mm
Weight 300g
Cable entry diameter 6,5-12 mm & 4-10mm
Wire cross section from 1 to 2,5 mm²
Attachment 4 screws type M4
Position of the 4 mounting holes 148 x 50 mm
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