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Part Number: 13202

OBSTA obstruction lights

  • Excellent luminous intensity with a vertical beam much larger than ICAO requirement,
  • Inherent generation of the «aviation» red,
  • Perfectly waterproof, light in hard made in hard glass
  • No grounding issue, class II
  • All wiring configuration available
  • Protected against transient overvoltages
  • Alarm by returning +48V in case of lamp failure or low power

The OBSTA STI is a one piece moulded assembly which includes a constant power converter and the proper discharge lamp (5 turns). The OBSTA STI includes : - a clear glass envelope, - a constant-power converter, - perfect watertightness, - no requirement for a ground connection, which avoids any voltage return from the earth (for example due to lightning). The overall is thus considerably improved. The OBSTA STI also includes : - protection against transient overvoltage, - circuitry to monitor the operation of the lamp and, in the event of failure, to trigger an alarm or light up an auxiliary lamp (if active redundancy circuits are used). The OBSTA STI is easy to install and requires no servicing.

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Luminous intensity > 10 Cd
Color night time Red fixed
Vertical beam spread >120°
Horizontal beam spread 360°
Wattage 12 W
Current drawn 250 mA
Main voltage 48VDC (-10%; +15%)
IP degree IP66
Wiring On stripped wires 3x1,5mm² (cable lenght 1 meter) (2 power wires, 1 alarm wire)
Operating temperature Tu -40/+55°C
Size of the light 420mm (height) x 69mm (over diameter)
Weight 1,5 kg
Attachment 2 screws type M8 (provided). Thikness to screw into : 1 up to 5 mm
Standards compliance ICAO annexe 14 chapter 6 (8th edition 07/2018), EASA (4th edition 2017)