Reliability in
Part Number 1004SOL

12Vdc solar kit 30/50 Watts peak with battery capacity 41/100Ah for OFC 12Vdc (to be ordered separately)



  • GEL technology for the battery
  • Initial capacity of the battery with 6 days of autonomy offering limited maintenance cost
  • Protection of the battery against overcharges and deep discharge
  • modular system with easy access for the maintenance
  • accessories to attach the solar kit on vertical leg or horizontal leg included

This solar kit is a compact solar generator. Autonomous and maintenance free, easy to run up, the quality of all its components contribute to make this energy kit the ideal solution for OBSTA NAVILITE or OFC obstruction lights Note: - The exact size of our solar panel/battery depends on latitude/longitude. For example, the size of the solar panels and battery needs to be 3 times bigger in the North of Europe than in the South of Europe.

2 brackets for vertical or horizontal leg
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