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Part Number 114500

12Vdc custom packaged solar kit including 10 watts peak solar panel with battery capacity 7Ah for NAVILITE-SOL with blinker for low intensity type E configuration



  • tilt possible of the solar panel depending on latitude of each country
  • Initial capacity of the battery with more than 6 days of autonomy at night offering limited maintenance cost
  • gel battery
  • Very easy maintenance : changing the battery is easy and quick whatever is the tilt of the solar panel
  • Protection of the battery against overcharges and deep discharge
  • Possibility to fix one NAVILITE-SOL low intensity obstruction light directly on the solar kit (light to be ordered separately)
  • Accessories to attach the solar kit on vertical leg or horizontal leg included
  • NAVILITE-SOL P/N113904 and blinker P/N113947 to be ordered separately

11.5 kg
brackets for vertical or horizontal leg
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