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Part Number 113905IR

Led navilite low intensity type A and B with IR visible by Night vision goggles. The NAVILITE-IR-48V includes 2 "de-coupled" visible and infrared circuits compliant with most of Aviation Authorities in Europe. The infrared part can be fixed or blinking as per the directive AD I-006 F from OFAC in Switzerland

  • Completely molded and perfectly waterproof
  • Bird spike
  • No grounding issue, class II
  • 2 independant red and infrared circuits:
  • 64 red leds wired in 16 independent circuits of 4 leds each + 64 infrared leds wired in 16 independent circuits NVG compliant as per OFAC AD-006F directive
  • monitoring and power through a command box NAV-CMD-240 or NAV-CMD-048 (to be ordered separately) with red fixed and blinking infrared according to Switzerland directive

This light must be order with the "NAVILITE-HOLDER" for vertical or horizontal support to be order separately The light can also be fixed on a ground cable or OPGW cable with the "NAVILITE-CABLE-CLAMP" to be ordered separately

The NAVILITE with infrared is dedicated to night marking especially ground or optical cable above high voltage cables. This NAVILITE-IR is compatible with NVG by using infrared leds based on Switzerland FOCA directive AD-006F for transmission lines with a power higher than 150mW/sr. The NAVILITE-IR is one piece molded which integrates 2 independent circuits of 4 levels of 16 visible LED and 4 levels of 16 infrared leds

IR intensity and wavelength
> 150mW/sr @ 850nm
Luminous intensity
> 32cd
Color night time
Red fixed
Vertical beam spread
10° visible and 15° in infrared
Horizontal beam spread
12 W
Current drawn
300 mA
Life time
Main voltage
48Vdc ± 10%
IP degree
On 4 stripped wires (molded cable lenght 35cm, external diameter 8,2mm) (2 power wires 1mm2 for each red and infrared led circuit)
Operating temperature
Tu -40/+55°C
0.61 kg
Size of the light
Ø x h :63 x 230 (mm)
950 g
1 screw M5 provided
Standards compliance
ICAO annex 14 chapter 6, directive AD I-006 F from OFAC
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