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Part Number: 113655W065

The obsta spherical markers are compliant with International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) annex 14 chapter 6 recommendations. They are used for day marker for meteorogical towers (guyed structures), ground cable on transmission lines etc

  • overall diameter 600mm
  • material: polyethylene
  • clamps suitable for ground cable or OPGW
  • color: white, red or aviation orange as per ICAO (annex 14 chapter 6 of International Civil Aviation Organisation)
  • designed for ground cable, OPGW cable, guy wires, and conductor wires up to 132KV max
  • easy and quick assembly with 6 nuts only to clamp it to the cable
  • 8 drain holes per sphere

Cable diameter Ø6-12,5mm
Color White
Weight 4kg