Reliability in
Part Number: 113975WCX

For airports, helipads, hospitals, highways... Totally innovative and patented concept design. In use in all Europe and Africa. Approved by professional pilots for its higher visibility and security in all climate and meteorological conditions.

  • Unique weather vane design and high quality bearings for reliable indication
  • In house textile manufacturing, specially for this use (1 year warranty)
  • Equipped with low intensity obstruction beacon NAVILITE
  • Stainless steel 314L robust pole (10 years warranty)
  • Foldable pole system, secured operation by only one person -Fixation tools, bolts and nut in stainless steel 314L

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Operating temperature Tu -40/+55°C
Color Red/White, Black/White, Orange/White
Size of the light Entry diameter of the wind cone: 1m x Length 4,25m x End diameter 0,4m - Height of the mast 7,5m
Weight 110kg with the mast
Standards compliance ICAO Annex 14 Volume 1 Chapter 5.1.1