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Part Number 113625LA

Controller for high intensity and white or dual color medium intensity obstruction light system This controller allows to have at the bottom of the obstacle a precise diagnostic of obstruction lights on the tower and remotely on a web server.

  • allows the maintenance, the configuration, the installation and the administration up to 64 medium or high intensity OFH series obstruction lights through one single control cable
  • large touch screen
  • status and telemetric, humidity and temperature of each flashing lights allowing precise diagnostic from the ground
  • alarm threshold settings
  • stainless cabinet with cable inputs by gland nickel plated brass
  • surge protection
  • connexion of an external photocell
  • MQTT, Ethernet
  • automatic notification
  • external wireless 4G, LTE (2G 3G capable) modem in option

Stainless control box to facilitate the implementation and monitoring of dual color medium and high intensity OBSTA lights

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Main voltage
110VAC to 240VAC +/-10% 50/60Hz
IP degree
IP65 in vertical position
5 kg
Size of the power supply
400mm (height) x 400mm (width) x 203mm (dept)
Cable entry diameter
from 8 to 15 mm
Wire cross section
from 1 to 4 mm²
4 screws type M5
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