Reliability in
Part Number 114600-B

Obstruction lighting system for high voltage lines


The BALISOR® LED system comprises :

  • Full body casing in 2 only halves of anodized and cast aluminum. Corrosion-proof for use in marine and damp tropical climate conditions
  • Simplest but most effective form factor with axial symmetry centered on the conductor. No rotation or mounting questions.
  • No other shapes or appurtenance that could generate corona effect, imbalance or vibrations on lines
  • Aluminium clamp as internal part of the design
  • Very low weight and minimized wind pressure
  • 4 captive screws only for tightening around the conductor in less than 1 minute.
  • Optics in hard glass. No risk of UV fading or sand erosion.
  • Inductive power supply operating in active redundancy. 4 circuits
  • All internal electronics molded in high temperature withstand silicon resin. Waterproof by concept.
  • Protection against electromagnetic fields
  • Smooth surface for self-cleaning and anti-bird shape

The power supply by inductive effect ensures a light intensity compliant with ICAO red fixed low intensity when the value of the electric current crossing the line is by default above 10A, whatever is the voltage of the power line

High-voltage lines are major hazards for low-flying aircraft. Placing beacons on pylons is not sufficient to ensure safety due to the very long spans of cable (extract of Aerodrom Design Manual chapter 14.7 annex 4). This BALISOR® system based on induction is a beacon for high voltage lines. Its conductors take the power required directly from the line.

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Luminous intensity
> 10 Cd (10A minimum)
Maximum AC voltage
up to 800KV, 50/60 Hz
Power source
Self-powered by induction
Cable diameter
Operating temperature
Tu -40/+50°C
Maximum cable temperature
Protection rating
Aluminium clamps matching with the diameter of the cable
Standards compliance
ICAO Aerodrome Design Manual Part 4 chapter 14