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Part Number 113785B

Monitoring web interface of obstruction lighting systems for Obsta customers and administrators


This service includes :

  • access to our secured web interface
  • one or more controller(s) OFH-CTR-CAN P/N 113625LA connected to high intensity and/or medium intensity obstruction lights
  • one or more OBSTALINK(s) P/N114800 connected to medium intensity and/or low intensity obstruction lights

It allows to:

  • Organize your sites, obstacles and lights centrally
  • Overview of the status of the lamps monitored by the controllers
  • Display a detailed lamp monitoring view with graphs of humidity, temperature, etc. (high and medium intensity only)
  • Automatic creation and configuration of an obstacle and its lights when it is connected (high and medium intensity only)
  • Storage of received telemetry data history
  • setting of the of alarm thresholds and many more..

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