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Part Number: 100757

Photocell for twilight-night intensity change in accordance with ICAO and FAA for all OBSTA lights or for the change of color and light-intensity of the led obstaflash series

  • plug-in modular construction with plated contact surfaces
  • possibility to rotate the censor on its base
  • automatic control of the red or dual obstruction lighting according to ambient light in compliance with FAA and ICAO twilight/night triggering level (2 ouputs available for night and twilight)
  • timer to prevent the functioning of the cell at inopportune times (lightning)

The ambient light sensor should be mounted upright, away from artificial light (eg., floodlights), and in a location that will enable its sensor window to have an unobstructed view of the polar sky (eg., pointed north in the northern hemisphere).

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Main voltage 12VDC to 48VDC -10%/+15%
Average wattage 1.5VA
Max. admissible impulse current 2A contact closed in darkness
IP degree IP67
Wiring On stripped wires
Operating temperature Tu -25°C/+60°C
Weight 300g
Attachment by harness and screws
Standards compliance ICAO annex 14 chapter 6, FAA (AC 150/5345-43J), EB-98 , CARs
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