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Part Number: 100756

Ambient sensor (photocell) for twilight-night intensity change in accordance with ICAO and FAA for all OBSTA lights or for the change of color and light-intensity of the led obstaflash series

  • plug-in modular construction with plated contact surfaces
  • possibility to rotate the censor on its base
  • automatic control of the red or dual obstruction lighting according to ambient light in compliance with FAA and ICAO twilight/night triggering level (2 ouputs available for night and twilight)
  • timer to prevent the functioning of the cell at inopportune times (lightning)

The ambient light sensor should be mounted upright, away from artificial light (eg., floodlights), and in a location that will enable its sensor window to have an unobstructed view of the polar sky (eg., pointed north in the northern hemisphere).

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Main voltage 110VAC to 240VAC +/-10% 50/60Hz
Average wattage 1.5VA
Max. admissible impulse current 2A contact closed for the night mode and 0,3A for the twilight mode
IP degree IP67
Wiring On stripped wires
Operating temperature Tu -25°C/+60°C
Weight 300g
Attachment by harness and screws
Standards compliance ICAO annex 14 chapter 6, FAA (AC 150/5345-43J), UK MOD, Transport Canada
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