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Part Number: 113150

Cold neon discharge low intensity type B

  • removeable neon lamp without high voltage contact between lamp and its power supply: power is transmitted to the lamp by induction - grounding
  • perfectly waterproof of the 2 items (lamp and power supply), ligh with 13 turns and hard glass enveloppe
  • grounding
  • protected against transient overvoltages
  • alarm by closing relay in case of lamp failure or low power supply

The OBSTA HI STI is devoted to the marking of all kinds of obstacles such as buildings, airports, broadcast towers etc. One model allow can cover every voltage from 110VAC up to 240VAC. The OBSTA HI STI is a one piece moulded assembly which includes a constant power converter and the proper discharge lamp (13 turns). The OBSTAHI STI P/N113110 has no requirement for a ground connection, which avoids any voltage return from the earth (for example due to lightning). However in intense electromagnetic fields (radiant poles, multi directional radio antennas), it is recommended to use the OBSTA HI STI APR P/N113113 or OBSTA HI STIM P/N113150

Luminous intensity > 35 Cd
Color night time Red fixed
Vertical beam spread >120°
Horizontal beam spread 360°
Max power 45 W
Current drawn 370mA à 240VAC
Mains voltage 230VAC +/-10%
IP degree IP66
Wiring On 5 stripped wires (cable lenght 1 meter) (2 power wires 2x1,5mm², 2 alarm wires 2x1,5mm² and 1 ground wire 2,5mm²)
Operating temperature Tu -30/+60°C
Size of the light 665mm(height)x68mm(overall diameter)
Weight 3kg
Attachment 2 screws type M8 (provided). Thikness to screw into : 1 up to 5 mm
Standards compliance ICAO annexe 14 chapter 6 (7th edition 2016), EASA (4th edition 2017)
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