L-865/L-864 dual color Medium Intensity for tower
Obstaflash hi
OBSTAFLASH120 dual color
Part Number: 113747

The dual color medium intensity flashhead OBSTAFLASH120 is designed for day and night marking of obstacle such as chimneys, pylons, facade of high rise buildings. A system that includes 3 OBSTAFLASH120 around the obstacle (more if diameter is higher than 6 meters) and an OBSTA power cabinet complies with ICAO dual color medium intensity and has been certified to FAA L-865/L-864.

The flashhead P/N113747 includes

  • 2 led projectors coming with cable and a connector
  • Stainless support for the 2 projectors and in option a junction box for 3 flashheads

If the diameter of the obstacle is less than 6 meters, a complete set includes:

  • 3 flashheads OBSTAFLASH120 dual color
  • a power cabinet directely connected to the 3 flashheads or through the junction box on one of the 3 flashheads and special cable
Intensity @ -10% to the ground 3% of max
Effective light output day time at 0° on site 20 000cd (white)
Flash per minute 20, 40 or 60 flashes per minute
Color night time Red
Color day/twilight time white
Vertical beam spread >3°
Effective light output night mode at 0° on site 2000cd (red)
Horizontal beam spread 360° with 3 flashheads fixed at 120° around the obstacle
Effective light output twilight mode at 0° on site 20 000cd (white)
Operating temperature -40/+55°C
Size of the light 120mm (height) x 480mm (width)
Wiring Connectors
Weight 4kg
Average power consumption 55W (day time), 8W (night mode)
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