OBSTAFLASH MI 120° & 180°


The OBSTAFLASH 120 and 180 medium intensity have been designed for obstacle such as stacks, chimneys, towers with triangular base in compliance with ICAO recommendations.

The LED OBSTAFLASH 120 and 180 complies with. 

  • type A, type B/C, dual color type A+B/C with ICAO configuration
  • L865, L864, and dual color L865/L864 with FAA white flash configuration

Kit including 3 led OBSTAFLASH 120° with all accessories

Led obstaflash 120 datasheet

Kit including 2 or more led OBSTAFLASH 180° with all accessories

Led obstaflash 180 datasheet

  • 6 led dual color led projectors 1kg each
  • Modular design
  • Easy installation, no losing part