NAVILITE low intensity


The navilite is a LED red fixed obstruction light. It is designed as a beacon for hazards to low flying aircraft like cranes, buildings and any kind of obstacle. The concept of molding LED allows excellent heat dissipation and is perfectly waterproof. 

NAVILITE 12, 24 & 48VDC datasheet

220VAC NAVILITE includes galvanic insulation for higher reliability

NAVILITE 220VAC datasheet

NAVILITE DC to be used with obsta solar kit


NAVILITE FAA 110VAC datasheet (new model, FAA certification pending)

  • Redundant circuitry of LEDs.
  • Excellent heat dissipation for optimum LED performance. All the heat produced by the LEDs is dissipated in the air and does not confine inside a globe.
  • Perfect weatherproofing. No risk of corrosion.
  • Not sensitive to vibration and chocks.
  • No requirement for a ground connection, which allows any connection configuration and avoids any voltage return from the earth.