OBSTA STIF 12 and 24V low intensity

The OBSTA STIF is a red fixed low intensity compliant with ICAO definition for hazard to low-flying aircraft (chimney, transmission lines, towers) designed for solar generator or battery cabinet.

The OBSTA STIF is using a complete new optic especially developped by obsta that offers a power consumption twice lower than conventional cold neon discharge lamp and similar than LED lights.
The OBSTA STIF based on cold neon discharge principle offers high reliability, very long lifetime and robustness in hostile environments (EMC, temperature...).

The principle of cold neon discharge offers :
  • Source optic and enveloppe are hard glass
  • Inherent generation of the «aviation» red
  • A very long lifetime
  • Very low power consumption (12V, 6W) thanks to new and patented optic exclusive to OBSTA.
  • A constant luminous intensity whatever are ambient temperature and EMC.
  • Also available in low intensity type B or L810
  • The OBSTA STIF is provided with a surge protection and alarm relay