OBSTA STI 48V low intensity

The OBSTA STI is a red fixed obstruction light for hazard to low-flying aircraf (chimney, transmission lines, towers) powered through 48 VDC. The OBSTA STI based on cold neon discharge principle offers high reliability, robustness in hostile environment (EMC, climatic...). It falls in low intensity type A obstruction lights following ICAO definition.

The OBSTA S.T.I. is one-piece molded assembly, which includes a constant-power converter and the discharge lamp proper (5 turns). 

ICAO (STAC) approved


  • Inherent generation of "aviation" red.
  • Hard glass.
  • High reliability and very long duration life.
  • Neon is not sensitive to temperature.
  • Low power consumption 12W.
  • Surge protection, alarm relay and 2 fixing brackets are included
Typical wiring diagrams