The OBSTA HI STI code 13110 is an obstruction light for hazard to low-flying aircraft for airport, building, broadcast transmitting towers, chimneys, bridges, and transmission lines. This lamp based on cold neon discharge principle offers high reliability, robustness in hostile environments (EMC, climatic, ...).

One unique model will adjust itself to the main supply voltages, continuously from 100V to 240 Vrms 50/60Hz. The OBSTA H.I. S.T.I. is one-piece molded assembly, which includes a constant-power converter and the discharge lamp proper (13 turns).

OBSTA HI STI 110VAC up to 240VAC  (ICAO approved from STAC and FAA approved from Intertek)

  • Perfect waterproofing.
  • Hard glass.
  • Cold neon discharge is not sensitive to high temperature.
  • No requirement for a ground connection, which allows any connection configuration to be used and avoids any voltage return from the earth (for example due to lightning).
  • Automatic adjustment between 110V up to 240VAC 50/60Hz.
  • Complete screening around the converter and the lamp
  • The OBSTA HI STI is provided with a surge protection, alarm relay and 2 fixing brackets
In presence of high electromagnetic fields (omnidirectionnal antennas and self-emited towers), the OBSTA APR HI STI P/N13113 should be used.