BALISOR for high-voltage lines

High-voltage lines are major hazard for low-flying aircraft. Placing beacons on pylons is not sufficient to ensure safety due to the very long spans of cable. The BALISOR® system - exclusive to OBSTA - is a beacon for high-voltage cables.

110 - 130 kV
130 - 160 kV
160 - 210 kV
210 - 360 kV

360 kV and more (standard model)

360 kV and more (with anti-vibration device)

Other voltage, consult us


Its conductor’s tapes the power required directly from the line. The system is, therefore, completely self-contained and do not requires any external power.
Our standard model of BALISOR® is a red fixed light and fall into the ICAO low intensity category. The balisor includes:

  • A cold neon discharge lamp manufactured by OBSTA with typical lifetime higher than 10 years (some balisors installed near Roissy airport in 1973 are still working today).
  • A set of capacitive tapings in aluminium (which depends on the voltage of the line to be protected, they are available from 60 to 550KV line)
  • A set of accessories for suspension and insulation in aluminium adapted to the diameter of the cable
  • Interference suppressor included.
  • Vibration protection for 360KV and more